White Merino Wool Felt

  • Very pure and crisp look.
  • Gives a clear yet warm light.
  • Suitable for any kind of interior style.
  • Combine with a dimmer or full spectrum color bulb for an exciting lightening experience.


Bright brown Merino Wool Felt

  • Earthly and warm look with clearly visible structure.
  • Gives a subtle, warm light.
  • Adds cosines and comfort to any room.



Bright grey Merino Wool Felt

  • Stylish, sophisticated yet natural look with clearly visible structure.
  • Gives a subtle, cool light.
  • Adds a modern, fresh feeling to any room.


Dark grey Merino Wool Felt

  • Mystic, intellectual look.
  • Gives artistic light accents.
  • Makes a clear statement in any room.
  • Combine with full spectrum color light bulb for even more artistic lighting effects.



Special quality of Wool Felt

Wool Felt is a durable, very unique and versatile fabric. It is highly resilient, retaining its strength and unique properties for decades. It also has many specifications that makes it especially suitable for use in public spaces like restaurants, bars, libraries, galleries, theater and museums – it's sound absorbent, water and stain repellent, flame retardant and self-extinguishing.