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The Classic Senfina lamp comes in a timeless design that will fit almost every interior. Made from New Zealand Merino Wool Felt, it has a sophisticated, yet modest look. The wool material looks touchy, almost cozy in daylight and shows its subtle structure when lightened. 


Merino wool felt

We use 100% natural wool felt. No synthetics are added. Our wool is harvested from Australian Merino sheep and further processed in Europe.

Power Cord

Our power cord is available in three different colors. Black, white and red. It's 1,5 meter long, high quality, braided wire.

Ceiling Rose

All metal ceiling caps are either stainless steel or matt nickel-plated.


LED lighting

All Senfina products are equipped with a 13 Watt, 1000 lumen LED lamp. It's 85% more efficient than regular light bulbs and lasts 20 times longer


The Classic Senfina lamp is available in a full range of colors. Although white is the most popular choice because of it's brightness, each color has it's own characteristics.

Custom made

Everything can be made to your liking. Whether it's a different material, color, size or accessory, please let us know what you're looking for.


Senfina lighting is available in three different sizes. A5-35 cm, A4-50 cm and A3-85 cm. Our custom shaped lamps, like the 'crown juwel', come in different sizes.



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There's a Senfina lamp for everyone.